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Some Popular Questions

Curious to know a little bit more about our seminar? Here are some answers to the questions you may have! 

Based on the planned schedule, the anticipated duration of the seminar is approximately two hours.

The seminar takes place online to provide an opportunity for women from all corners of the world to attend without any geographical constraints, thereby fostering a sense of inclusivity and promoting a diverse learning environment.

This seminar is for mothers who want to improve their relationship with their daughters and understand the importance of their role as a mother. Whether you have a young daughter or a teenager, this seminar will help you gain insights into your daughter’s world. You’ll also discover the impact of your relationship on your daughter’s development and self-esteem, and how you can empower her to reach her full potential. If you’re looking to deepen your bond with your daughter and be the best mother you can be, this seminar is for you.

To sign up for the seminar, please visit the event page on Eventbrite and follow the registration process provided. You can access the page by pressing the “register” button at the bottom of the page